Why has the face of fashion changed during the lockdown?

The pandemic and its effects have become a never-ending topic that is staying in limelight even after a year and half. The virus and the lockdown have affected people’s lives. Every industry is coping with the loss and trying to get back on its feet. The fashion industry on the other hand has redefined itself during this time. People have started to adapt themselves according to the situation pertaining. So, they are finding new ways to change the face of fashion and this has given a chance to fashion to redesign itself. Though fashion has faced some of the worst upheavals of all, it still strives to grow somehow. Below are some elaborated points to throw light on why has the face of fashion changed during the lockdown?

Changes in people’s choice of clothes

Ever since the lockdown has been declared, most people are ordering food and essential items from their homes. That is just one of the abrupt changes forced on an industry highly attuned to shifting trends. Now here is another change that the fashion industry is facing; if customers are more likely to be buying clothes from home, they are more likely to wear them at home too. And this changes everything because no one prefers to wear fancy clothes at home. People choose the most comfortable clothes so that they can do everything easily. So, there is a surge in demand for comfort.

No shopping for ethnic or wedding attire

Since there are only a few events taking place these days, no one is purchasing ethical clothes or wedding attire. This has drastically affected the industry as wedding season brings a lot of business to the whole fashion industry. Other than this, people are not going to big events or parties where there are chances of huge gatherings and thus, they are not buying anything from this section. However, since certain things are getting back to normal, so, the demand of ethnic wear has been increasing over the few months. The coming year will tell everyone if there is a need for the ethic section to be restored or not.

Active wear and sportswear are in demand

Other than casual clothes, activewear and sportswear have also gained popularity. This is simply due to the reason that no one can go out to the gyms or some other place for exercise. Hence everyone is trying to be fit while sitting at their homes and this has increased the demand for activewear as well. This also shows that consumers are reacting to what is positively happening around them and now the panic has gone. So, they are trying to keep themselves fit and fine.

 Face masks are the new normal

Though face masks are a headache to wear. They are uncomfortable and inconvenient. But since the lockdown has been declared, face masks have become an essential thing. Now, people have found out ways to make them stylish as well. They are purchasing customized masks, matching with the outfit masks and whatnot. This is one of the major changes that the fashion industry has seen so far because before the pandemic masks were not that common. And this is yet another reason that fashion is re-shaping itself during the lockdown.

Premium Loungewear are being worn as outer wear

Sleepwear and loungewear have finally gained acceptance as outerwear ever since the lockdown has been declared. They are easy to wear, comfortable, and are all-rounder. You can wear them to buy groceries, binge watches your favorite shows while cooking and sleeping. They have become the most preferred outfit of people. People are finding new clothes that can be turned into something else, adding a pinch of newness to them. So, the demand for tracksuits, baggy pants, loose T-shirts, and other things like that has gone high. And thus, sleepwear has become yet another fashion trend that is in high demand these days. Below are some points that will clear the doubt of this change.

  • Though no one buys clothes to sit at home still people are purchasing things that hardly even mattered before. The fashion industry has been negatively impacted by the outbreak of the coronavirus on every imaginable level; production has stopped, retailers have closed and demand has dropped. Earlier people used to wear formals to the office but now everyone is looking for comfortable clothes. 
  • Perhaps lockdown has made us ditch our favorite pair of jeans, stopped us from investing in a useless dress, and has made us realize that we can live without buying another pair of shoes. People have developed different newly formed fashion habits and those are now becoming the trends. 


Well, it will be really difficult to say what fashion will look like in 2022, we can say, it is re-shaping itself as per the needs and requirements of people. Though our favorite apparel is napping inside our closets and will be that way for a long time, there is still hope that fashion will get back on its own in no time. Till then we can continue to wear our all-time favorite Pyjama and T-shirts. 

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