What should be the criteria for retirement: Age or Talent

What Should be the Criteria for Retirement

Ever since a child is born, his parents start deciding what he should do in his future. No one thinks that he might have plans of his own. Then the child is sent to school, college and then he is supposed to work for the rest of his life. And eventually one day he gets retired. But the question here is what should be the criteria for retirement: age or talent? We live in a world where age decides whether a person should retire and not his talent. That works for a lot of people but not for everyone. Let us discuss this one by one: should age be the factor for an employee to get retired or should it be talent?

Taking a retirement according to your age has a major advantage that you can relax after reaching 60 because at that age your body is tired all the time and so proper rest is required. Also, 40-45 years of service is a lot of work and eventually, people start getting tired of the same routine too i.e., getting up early in the morning, getting ready, and then working for the whole day. Also, it keeps you away from socializing. You cannot find time for your own family and to put an end to all of it, it is good that you retire at a certain age. Sometimes people who retire at a proper age start working on their interests like writing a book or maybe just reading a lot of them. Also, you will have a lot of time to take care of yourselves.

But on the flip side, sometimes work is the only thing that makes you happy. You find your job so fascinating that you love waking up early and working all the long. For these people, work becomes their lifestyle. Some people are so dedicated to their work that it becomes a passion for them. And in turn, the company’s output is improved. If retirement to such employees is given at an early age, that is a loss to the company. Working for a longer period, in general, can reduce the number of hours one has to dedicate to the company. Sometimes sitting at home makes a person sick.

Age and talent are the two sides of the same coin. Since you must retire at a certain age so that you get time for yourselves but it is also important to keep working if you want to showcase your talent rather than considering retirement. If a person wants to extend his retirement he should be allowed to do so. It should be the decision of the employee and not anyone else’s. Retirement should not rely upon just age; talent should be given equal importance. 

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