Top 5 trends in online purchase behavior of Indian e-commerce users

With the beginning of a new year, the way people shop is changing rapidly. This decade e-commerce is gearing up for some major changes. Every year there are some changes in the e-commerce industry that reshape it. 

                                    Current trends in online purchase behavior

Augmented Reality helps in personaltouch with each step forward in the digital revolution, fiction is becoming more like reality. With time the concept of fiction is fading away and the line between real and virtual life is getting blurrier. 

Online shopping has many advantages. It saves your time. You don’t have to visit several stores looking for something you like. Everything these days is just one click away. Moreover, you can compare the price of a product on different websites and shop smartly. This doesn’t only save your time but money as well. Today, AR is making you visualize the product in your life as possible.

For example- If you want to purchase lipstick online, AR helps you to wear it on your lips virtually so you can decide what shade will suit you the best. 

AR is one of the biggest technology trends right now. And with the technology getting advanced, it is going to be bigger in the nearby future. 

  • AI’ smart recommendations

AI helps shops learn about shoppers. Based on your recent searches, online shopping enables you to have several recommendations. This option was not available earlier in online shopping but as artificial intelligence and machine learning grow more sophisticated, most businesses are providing their users with smart recommendations. You can see several products that match your search and you can compare the style, type, and price before buying it. 

  • Chatbots improve shopping experiences

Chatbots act as sales person which allows stores to communicate with thousands of users giving them the personal attention and thoughtful recommendations based on their responses. Connecting to chatbots for a query or recommendation saves time as the response time is faster as compared to any other method. Today most people prefer to converse with bots and other digital self-service tools. 

  • More way to pay

With the increase in payment options, customers prefer online shopping more than ever before. The big online retailers like Amazon allow you to save your billing and shipping information so that the next time you buy something you can have a faster checkout. And payments options like PayPal offer cashback so the customers get attracted towards it. E-Commerce websites are increasingly using these kinds of payments methods that enable frictionless checkout. 

  • On-site implementations using AI

E-Commerce websites are increasingly using AI with several applications. AI can be used to gather information about the user and adjust the site according to their wants and needs. 

For example- Suppose you are browsing Myntra and add some products to your wish list but you don’t buy them and shut down the app instead and open any other website. Now the cookies of your device will show you the products of your interests. AI and cookies make adjustments on the website so that the customers could get what they want. AI shows us more of what we have liked and searched making us more likely to order. 

Retailers are making customer-specific ads using AI based on their preferences, purchase habits, and past orders. Likely, AI will soon replace repetitive tasks and even go beyond current human capability.  

These are the top e-commerce trends that are impacting the industry already and there is a lot more to wait for in the coming time. 

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