Noom: A Journey to Stay Fit

Staying fit and keeping in shape are the two terms everyone uses daily. But what do we do to stay fit? As the work from home is going on from the past two years, people have become more reluctant and have started finding ways not to exercise or do any sort of work out. But as much appealing as it sounds, do you feel this is right? Exercising is a must for everyone and one should never avoid it. When you don’t feel like working out or taking part in the journey to stay fit, platforms like Noom come into existence.


What is Noom?

Noom is a consumer-led digital health company that helps people live healthier and happier lives. The platform uses the best and latest proven behavioral science that empowers people to take control of their health for good. The question is how do they do that? The answer is simple; through a combination of psychology, technology, and human coaching they help millions of users to reach their personal health and wellness goals. They are committed to building a healthier world for everyone.

Why Noom?

It is often said that the only impossible journey is the one you never begin. The impossible these days is staying fit, so, Noom helps people to begin the impossible and get through with it easily. Initially they started with the weight management but as a matter of fact that wasn’t sufficient. So, currently, they are working to expand their behavior change platform to help people overcome other mental problems like stress and anxiety, hypertension, and diabetes. Noom is transforming the world to be a better and healthier place to live for all.

How does Noom work?

  • Psychology

The platform makes its products using evidence-based approaches and scientifically proven principles that help people to build habits that last a lifetime. They believe that when you give people something as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the habit of change and determination stays with them for a lifetime.

  • Technology

Technology is the answer for all sorts of problems. Noom is constantly innovating and making their products better to ensure their user have access to most effective healthcare tool in the market. So, when you think of buying something from the platform, you will know it is authentic and effective.

  • Human Coaching

The platform matches their users with one of their thousands of trained coaches to help to help them along their health journey and provide the support needed to achieve their goals.

Talking about the mission; the platform is dedicated to help as many people as possible live healthier life. They make sure that the products that they offer change the life of people in a positive way. They help everyone build long-lasting and positive habits.

The products

There are two categories for which you can buy products; weight loss and relieve stress. Below is a description of both categories.

Weight loss

The platform has been changing how the world thinks about weight loss. Noom uses personalization and science to help you lose weight. Not only this, once you have lost a certain amount, the platform makes sure that you keep it off for good. They help you understand your relationship with food and how to be more mindful of your habits. Noom provides you with the knowledge and support you need for a long-lasting change.

Here is how they make it possible

  • Daily lessons on your terms

Their personalized lessons help you gain confidence with practical knowledge you can employ right away. So, these lessons are scheduled as per your convenience and you can choose when to listen to them or how much time you are willing to give.

  • Get Motivated

Any type of support you need you can receive it from the platform be it one-on-one, support groups, or SOS plans.

  • At your speed

For the consistency, it is important that you go on your pace so all of their tools are designed to empower you to hit your goals at a speed that is comfortable for you.

The next category is Relieve Stress and below is a small description of how they do it

They have spent the last 13 years helping millions of people to meet their health goals be it weight loss or the struggle with diabetes. Now they help you to tackle stress as well.

They help you to shift your mindset by making you realize that you are the greatest force in your health journey.

So, basically this is a platform that helps you to stay fit when you don’t feel like doing anything. You can use the platform to meet your health goals.

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