Dreams or Desires?

Dr. Abdul Kalam said dream is not that what you see while you are sleeping but it’s something that does not let you sleep. And apparently, someone has said the starting point of achievement is desire. 

Ever since we are born we are taught about these two words continuously. Dreams and Desires almost go hand in hand, as to succeed one must have desires and one must have dreams that don’t allow them to stop. Living one’s desires and dreams is what life is.

While growing up our parents tell us a lot of things they want us to do. They want us to study well, be good in sports and extracurricular activities and behave well in front of everyone and what not. But our hearts keep longing for something else. That constant feeling of doing something else is what we call desires. Our dreams and desires don’t need to be the same. Sometimes, dreams are the outcome of others’ expectations while on the other hand desires are nothing but what we want for ourselves.

Some would say that desires are somewhere selfish and hence people often confuse the two. Some people especially students do injustice to themselves by thinking that desires and dreams are the same but it is not true. What we need to understand is dream is a necessity while desire is more like a craving; something that makes you think that you can’t live without it. 

Well in my opinion it is okay to have big dreams and then to make them come true one should work hard. But what I feel is we should never neglect our desires too as long as they are selfless. Learn to chase your dreams and hopefully you will get everything you desire.

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